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The grand city of Ghaziabad is developing and growing. As a primarily industrial city Ghaziabad has much more to offer. Ghaziabad is in the center of many prominate cities in India. Within walking distance you can easily shop at a host of lavish markets. These markets are great place to find needed goods and trinkets. It is also a marvelous place to gain perspective and indulge in the city’s rich culture. You not only can buy a one-of-a-kind item as a keepsake but you can also get a real feel of what life in Ghaziabad is all about by visiting one of their extravagant markets stocked full of a broad range of items. From food to crafts you can find virtually everything at one of Ghaziabad’s markets. Market shopping can be one of the simplest ways to become one with the magical imagery of life in Ghaziabad.

One of Ghaziabad’s most famous markets is the Crawford Market. When in the city of Ghaziabad you must stop at the Crawford Market for not only it’s items but it’s beauty and historic value also. The city of Ghaziabad’s Crawford market along with others is part of life in Ghaziabad. Located near the CST station Crawford Market stands with elegance and beauty. It’s gothic structure is over 138 years old and is a much of Ghaziabad’s history as any other historic site. Crawford Market is considered as a jewel of Ghaziabad. Crawford market is an excellent place to stroll around purchase needed items, trinkets as souveniers, crafts, and just about anything else. Many people flock to it on a regular basis. Markets in and around Ghaziabad is a great place to get a true feel for the city. Since, the great city of Ghaziabad is located in the center it is surrounded by many markets in neighboring cities that is short in distance to shop at as well.


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