Regional Passport Office

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The city of Ghaziabad’s Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office is where you go to attain your passport or make any changes to your passport and registration. Everyone has the right to travel abroad experience and see new things but it is also law that a valid passport or travel document must be present to do so. The Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office is where you go to get assistance with your passport and travel documents. Although, many say it is a long wait to attain your passport in India knowing what type of passports the Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office offers and the documents you need when you go to apply for travel documents at the Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office your trip there will not be wasted.

Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office issues three different types of passports. The ordinary passport, the official passport, and the diplomatic passport. The ordinary passport is issued to any general citizen of India. So just about anyone can apply for an ordinary passport at Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office. The official passport is only issued to government officials and non-officials when their passages are paid by government and members of their families, officials of Reserve Bank of India, the State Bank of India, Nationalized Banks, and corporations, Permanent government officials on deputation to foreign business, or fully dependent Mother, father, mother-in-law, brother, sister of an officer belonging to Indian Foreign Service Branch B. The diplomatic passport is issued to anyone granted a diplomatic Status, wife or official hostess or husband of diplomat, officers of Indian Foreign Service Branch A & B that has been issued.

When you apply for a passport at the Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office you should have several things handy. You should come prepared with a photocopy of your ration card, appointment letter or company letter, water tax bill, telephone bill, electricity bill, current bank account information, income tax assessment order of the prior three years, and election commission identity card. Applying for a passport can be a stressful task having these things handy and with you at the time of registration it will be a snap and you’re be on out of the Regional Passport Office quicker than you think.


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