Around Ghaziabad

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The city of Ghaziabad is located right in the middle of Ganga- Yamuna Doab. North of Ghaziabad is the district of Meerut and adjacent to Ghaziabad is the national capital Delhi. Leaving the city of Ghaziabad in the center surrounded by many other places. The city of Ghaziabad is around Ajrara, Bahadurgarh, Dasna, Dhaulana, Faridnagar, Hapur, Jalalabad, Loni, Modinagar, Mohan Nagar, and Murad Nagar.

The first five places that surround Ghaziabad Ajrara, Bahadurgarh, Dasna, Dhaulana, and Faridnagar are all very interesting and add to the intrigue as well as culture of Ghaziabad. The place of Ajrara was the seat of Hindu monarchy before Muslims making this village which lies on the left bank of the Kali Nadi somewhat historical. The place of Bahadurgarh was the original home of Khurja pottery and it is very well known for its tradition of handloom cloth. The place of Dasna has a railway station located on the Ghaziabad-Moradabad line of the railway station adjoining the village of Masuri. The place of Dhaulana has the temple of Sati Malindi Devi where a fair takes place regularly. The place of Faridnagar was founded by the Nawab Farid-un-din Khan in the historic reign of Akbar.

The places of Hapur, Jalalabad, Loni, Modinagar, Mohan Nagar, and Murad Nagar also are interesting places around the city of Ghaziabad. The place of Hapur is leading the grain jaggery market. Jalalabad which is a place that resides Just 15 kms from the city of Ghaziabad is rich in crops of wheat and sugar cane. The place of Loni carries on the traditions of rakshasa Lavanasur who once ruled there. The place of Modinagar has the temple built by Rani Bala Bai Sindhia which is historic of the Modinagar reign. The place of Mohan Nagar is a very equipped industrial village. The place of Murad Nagar has a history that dates back to over 400 years ago. All the places that are around the city of Ghaziabad are all quite interesting.


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