Ghaziabad Development Authority

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The city of Ghaziabad has an excellent GDA. GDA is short for Ghaziabad Development Authority they provide resources, shape policies, and help the rapid economic development of Ghaziabad. They provide what some call the best and safest habitats in the region. GDA has been around since 1960 and even to this day they are still leaders in record-breaking levels of development as well as investment in the city. The Ghaziabad Development Authority has several departments within the organization. The departments of the GDA is land acuation, planning, engineering, property, finance, master plan, enforcement, and computer.

Ghaziabad Development Authority has improved in many areas developing and building up quite a few elements to the city and providing a great place for executives and others to find valuable information and answers. The city of Ghaziabad’s Ghaziabad Development Authority has helped improve and develop eight social facilities that enchances the city. Through parks, dairy outlets, clubs, police stations, electric stations, telephone exchanges, health centers, and nursing home developments the city is rapidly growing due to the skill of the GDA. A Total of six hundred and three parks now exist in the city of Ghaziabad. Over fourteen Mother Dairy outlets function in Ghaizabad. There are even seven clubs in Ghaziabad for dancing, parties, and social events. The city of Ghaziabad is safer with nine police stations operating in the city now.

The GDA has assisted in the development of four electric stations and twenty-three sub-stations. Nine telephone exhanges exist in the city of Ghaziabad. Twenty health centers are in Ghaziabad which can aid the ill or sick. For the elderly there are thirty-six nursing home establisments in the city of Ghaziabad. The city of Ghaziabad’s Ghaziabad Development Authority has also helped not only developments but people with questions about purchasing land, property details, and registration information.


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